About Us

Supporting senior leaders, chaplains and pastoral staff in Christian schools

SCALA - the School Chaplains and Leaders Association - is a charitable trust and has been created from the two organisations - The Bloxham Project and the School Chaplains Association - which have represented a significant proportion of school chaplaincy and leadership aspects of Christian spirituality in schools for many years. Human societies have always looked to the next generation of young people on which to place their hopes and ambitions. Effecting awareness and practical applications of Christian values and belief amongst those in our schools is essential for the continuation of the rich traditions that Christianity has bestowed on our society over many centuries.

SCALA will be working with school chaplains, both lay and ordained, in diverse types of schools and academies as well as with pastoral leaders and head teachers through the support and expertise it offers for the promulgation of a school ethos which embodies Christian values. Our key priorities are the operational definition and support of school chaplaincy and the development of Christian school leadership at all levels. Our Christian faith stance is orthodox, ecumenical and inclusive, and alive to the multi-faith and secular context of 21st Century Britain.

Individual membership is now based on a named individual, generally, but not necessarily based in a school, and offers outstanding value for an annual subscription of £150.

Corporate membership represents exceptional value where more than two individuals from the same school wish to join.