A 'Quiet Conference' for School Chaplains

'Quiet' Conference for School Chaplains

  • Dates

    • 9th May 16
    • to
    • 11th May 16

    'Quiet' Conference for School Chaplains




    Last week, (Monday 9th – Wednesday 11th May), jointly with TISCA, we held a ‘quiet’ conference ‘Conversations with God – Strengthened so that we may strengthen others’  for school chaplains in the Carmelite retreat house at Boars Hill, just outside Oxford. The principal speakers were one of our (and TISCA’s) Trustees, Anthony Buckley, and Alison Adams, a former Director of the Bloxham Project and currently sub-Dean of Leicester Cathedral. Anthony led a meditative and highly effective examination of three Old Testament figures, Jonah, Ruth and Moses, revealing how aspects of their situations and responses speak directly to contexts we find ourselves in today. The blend of textual interpretation and modern application was very powerful and will live in the minds and hearts of delegates for a long time to come. Alison spoke about identity, initially from her experience of schools and prisons and then currently from the work she was involved with in relation to the re-interment of the remains of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral and the continuing legacy that it has produced.  Again, this gave delegates fascinating insights into purpose, destiny and personal identity at a time when all are under pressure from an education system that has become excessively mechanistic and results-driven. Many delegates were grateful for the opportunity for some reflective time and space towards the end of a busy, pressured year in their schools.


    Location:  Boars Hill, Oxford