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    For more than 50 years Redemptorist Publications has been providing high quality practical resources to support Christians at every stage of life. It’s really important to us that everything we produce is genuinely supportive and understanding of people, whatever their level of faith.

    We work very hard to make sure our publications reveal the truth of the Gospel in a way that people can spot the connections with their own lives. Everything we write is in inclusive, everyday language, and we use the best of contemporary design to keep our material looking fresh and appealing. http://rpbooks.co.uk



    Some highlights from our Education catalogue include:


    For Secondary schools: The Christian Personal Planner Redemptorist Publications is proud to announce the Christian Personal Planner for pupils in Anglican and multi- faith schools. In addition to a weekly homework diary, the Christian Personal Planner presents a weekly theme with accompanying reflection and challenge, designed to inspire students and help them to put their faith into practice. Examples of themes include: Equality, Inclusiveness, Peace, Kindness and Trust. Used daily the planner promotes the significance of all aspects of Christian spirituality. Customisation options are available and discounts for bulk orders. Contact us at 01420 88222 for more information or go online:




    For Primary Schools: My School Diary

    This new diary for primary schools is designed to help children develop strong Christian values. For each week of the school year there is a double-page spread. On the left-hand side there is a weekly diary and on the right a Christian value is explained in age-appropriate language with fun, engaging activities. Themes such as respect, humility, reverence and thankfulness are explained by using either a value or modern tale and faith-building facts, puzzles, quizzes and colouring-in motivate the children to think about how the value can impact on their lives and helps them to make good choices. The major festivals in other religions are highlighted and when possible, there is an explanation or story to describe what a non-Christian child (possibly a classmate) might be celebrating. If this diary is used daily as a channel of communication between parents, carers and the school it will help those families that are not Christian to come to understand the special mission of a church school – to grow and educate each child emotionally, physically, academically and spiritually.




    For Leadership: How to Survive as a Governor in a Church School Alexandra Green How to Survive as a Governor in a Church School aims to help all governors, whether new or experienced, coming from a church-based background or none. The aim is to provide them with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence, to enable them to serve the school of which they are a governor, or considering becoming a governor. This in turn should enable the school, its staff and students to achieve their full potential.

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