• The network works!

    Posted On

    • 16th
    • February
    • 2017

    Following my circulation of the recent Bradfield College vacancy I received this email:-


    Hi Paul

    I sent the last job ad for Bradfield college to my daughter and she got the job! The system works. 

    Hope you're well

    Many thanks for keeping me updated. 

    Caroline Turvey


    In addition Caroline had news of her own:-


    I have some news of my own regarding my chaplaincy here (Bethany). I went for a job with our local church as Lay Minister and was successful. Our school have released me from my contract so I’m able to start soon after Easter which leaves a big hole here at Bethany. I am going to help as best I can to ensure the Chaplaincy is looked after and taken over fully in September but I would like to pass on the links to you and Gordon so that you can both help.  If you have any suggestions at this stage, I’d be grateful.

    I’m only up the road and will still be available to help and to ensure smooth transition.  I will most miss the links I get to SCALA and TISCA.  I have benefitted enormously from the two organisations and have found that the meetings and training has enriched my ministry at Bethany. So a big thank you to you both.



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