Defining and implementing the conditions under which a Christian school operates.

School Leadership

SCALA is keenly aware of the vital importance of school leadership. Indeed school heads were key members of the intial meeting which set up The Bloxham Project in the first place. Many studies have made clear the crucial role which effective school leadership plays in ensuring that the school is a consistently good learning environment for all its pupils.

Equally, school leadership is a determining factor in establishing and maintaining a positive school ethos (a presumptive cultural norm), in which, for a school of such a foundation, Christian values inform all aspects of its life and work in such a way that each and every individual comes to understand and operate the principles on which the school is based. Over recent years, mainstream operational advice for school leaders has tended to emphasise functional principles based on the use of data and the potential to improve as measured in all pupils.

SCALA understands the importance of this but also believes that the spiritual health of all individuals in a school is a prime requirement for its enduring success. This approach to some extent stands in opposition to the functionalism emphasised by inspection regimes and league tables, even though both of these are important attributes of an education service. Respect for all people is at the heart of the educational process and fully reflects the funamental principles of a Christian school.