Appraisal & Training

Selection, support and review of chaplaincy.

School Chaplaincy roles

Some school chaplaincy roles have grown through time or by accretion and may have never been properly defined or set out in a role description. Some school chaplains - and heads - might even take the view that the chaplain’s role is indefinable, but in our view this could simply mean that no-one has really thought carefully enough about what the school chaplain is for.

SCALA believes that the highly important work undertaken by school chaplains deserves to be described and delimited in a formal role description, and that it is a professional entitlement for school chaplains to have their work regularly reviewed against such a description, in the context both of the school and of the Church. Both educational and ecclesiastical authorities should be involved in a role which has a dual accountability. We also believe that all those working in school chaplaincy have a clear professional entitlement to ongoing professional development (CPD).

Different chaplaincy roles in different school contexts will of course be described and set out in different ways, and it is unlikely that any two school chaplaincy role descriptions will be completely identical. However, there are clear common elements in school chaplaincy and SCALA is able to offer a number of support services to schools seeking chaplaincy review, as described below.

School Chaplaincy review

SCALA's School Chaplaincy Review pack can be ordered from the Project Office by e-mailing The pack offers suggestions about forming and updating a chaplain's role description; offers possible ways of setting performance objectives; and invites consideration of the personal, spiritual and professional issues raised by the review or appraisal process. The pack provides a basic resource which heads, school chaplains and outside appraisers can tailor to their own requirements, and it incorporates both school and Church perspectives.

A visiting reviewer

SCALA undertakes professional school chaplaincy reviews and appraisals by invitation, and our consultants who undertake this service bring to the task wide experience of teacher appraisal in the school context, as well as sensitivity to issues of ministerial review in the Church. We can also arrange peer reviews, that is, reviews undertaken by fellow chaplains working in similar contexts. For further details of the review and appraisal services we can provide, e-mail us at:

Professional induction and training

SCALA is the only national organisation which offers pre-school chaplaincy induction courses. Training day(s) held in the Autumn and as required, offer a practical and reflective introduction to school chaplaincy. This course is also of value to those chaplains who wish to review the course of their ministry in schools. Usually led by the Project Director and experienced school chaplain colleagues, they are events designed to support those entering or continuing in school chaplaincy within all sectors of the education system, whether in Church of England (or other denominational) secondary schools, independent schools, or academies.