Spirituality and human flourishing.


SCALA works to foster spirituality and spiritual development in schools. We hold what is best described as a ‘whole-person’ view of spirituality.

Instead of seeing spirituality as dealing just with the private and inner world of individual consciousness, we take the view that a person’s spirituality (a deeply felt awareness of self in relation to a wider and deeper context) encompasses the whole of their response to the world around them – and to God.

The spiritual is not to do with part of a person, but is a function of the whole person in relationship. A key aspect of this is our capacity to reflect on our place in the universe, on our relationship with others, and on our relationship with God.
Rooted in the Christian tradition of prayer, worship and meditation we place a strong emphasis on the value of regular prayer and reflection, using resources from the whole of our spiritual inheritance. 

Prayer, worship, faith

In this section of the website you will find some basic guidance on Prayer in the Christian tradition, together with suggestions for websites which may offer helpful ideas.

There are also some views on Worship, and suggestions about how worship may be made meaningful for participants. You can also find further information about this in the Collective Worship section of this website.

The Faith section offers an introduction to ideas about faith and its implications for living.

In the Generation Y section there are some ideas about the spirituality of the younger generation, and how best to understand it.