The grounding of individual and collective life with God.


SCALA stands in the mainstream tradition of Christian faith, and we are open, ecumenical and non-denominational in our approach.

Within that context, we work to support those in schools who seek to nurture pupils in and towards the Christian faith within the particular tradition their school represents. We believe that a positive school climate will create an atmosphere of openness and trust in which faith can be respected and explored, and its implications for living considered.


We understand faith as an essentially corporate experience: faith is about belonging to a community of belief, and about sharing its life. It is less about personal creeds than about shared commitments for living.

Within the community of faith, each individual is on a personal journey of living and discovery. The notion of the personal spiritual journey is significant within SCALA’s understanding of faith, and if you browse our Archive section, you will find several articles which employ this image.

Despite well publicised claims to the contrary, faith grounded in belief does not stand in opposition to science. Both faith and science are complementary ways of understanding the world and our existence within it.  

Nurturing faith…

School pupils in the secondary phase are, of course, in the process of exploring all aspects of being human and adult. These aspects include faith and belief. SCALA wants to support chaplains and other school staff in encouraging pupils, as part of this, to explore the Christian faith for themselves.

The SCALA network provides an informal series of contacts through which chaplains and others can compare ideas and resources suitable for nurturing faith, either in preparation for Confirmation or in more informal contexts.


Many websites offer introductions to different aspects and understandings of the Christian faith. You may find useful introductory material at: or at:

For a practical, faith-into-life approach, which is focused on core issues of peace, justice and one-world ecology, go to: or