Generation Y

How do young people attach meaning to their experience?

The world view of 15 – 25 year olds…

‘Making sense of Generation Y: the world view of 15 -25-year-olds’ was published by the Church of England in 2006. The book sets out the results of a detailed small-scale study which explored the attitudes and values of young people and in particular their understanding of life and religion.

In his preface, John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, wrote: ‘It is self-evident to me that in order to engage with young people, we must hear what they are saying. What matters to them? How do they shape their world? What does their spirituality look like?’

SCALA shares this view that only by listening to young people in open dialogue can the older generation – teachers, chaplains, school leaders – hope to engage with them in ways which are conducive to the sharing of faith.
One of SCALA's priorities, therefore, is to seek to understand the generation now in school by encouraging chaplains and other school staff to understand the culture of the young through conversation and through paying attention to the media context in which we all live.

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